As a band director, how often do you feel that you have the necessary information to assist the kids in the back of the room? As a percussion instructor, how many method books do you employ in your curriculum? The goal of this project is to give you access to the materials that you want to use, in the way you want to use it, and be able to update and change your curriculum as technology advances.


A glimpse inside of the text.

A glimpse inside of the text.

About the project

There are a lot of percussion method books, so why create another one? Well, the problem is that while there are a lot of great books on the market, none of them are really a "one-size-fits-all" solution. For percussionists, that means having students buy multiple books or photocopying together a bunch of exercises and etudes to teach concepts. For non-percussionists, it means that they might only have whatever information from their percussion methods course to work with and they don't really understand why they teach a certain way. For both of these groups of people, customizing these texts to fit into the curriculum is a nightmare! Enter The Open Source Percussionist! The goal of this project is to help you make the percussion curriculum of your dreams. The text is available for free via this website, and thanks to its Creative Commons license, you can edit it, alter it, and distribute it however you want as long as you give attribution. In a world where anyone can find detailed information on their phone, the author wondered why something like this didn't already exist. Well, now it does!

About the author

James D. Doyle is a music educator who hails from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He holds a BM in Music Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma and an MA in Music Education from Adams State University. In his years teaching music James has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of age levels and ensembles in public schools across Oklahoma and Washington. He has worked as an orchestra, band, and percussion instructor as well as a private lessons teacher. As a composer and arranger, James has written works for percussion ensemble and orchestra and has written battery and front ensemble percussion arrangements for a variety of marching bands throughout the U.S. From 2011-2014, James was the Executive Director of Resistance Indoor Percussion where he led the group to both a regional title and the status of WGI World Championship Finalist.

James is an Innovative Percussion artist and proudly endorses their sticks and mallets.